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Sustainable Tourism

Our sustainable tourism team is actively working towards new initiatives and reducing our Carbon Footprint. If you wish to comment on our current initiatives or have new ideas please notify our reception staff on your departure.

We hope you leave the ASURE Christchurch Classic Motel & Apartments knowing your support helps us maintain the lovely environment we live in.

Environmental initiatives:


  • Continual monitoring and recording of energy consumption on a monthly basis any abnormal consumption is discussed with our supplier.
  • Conduct an energy audit to check current consumption patterns and where any improvement could be made, discuss with our sustainable development team
  • Staff are fully trained in energy saving practices ( turning off lights and equipment as necessarily)
  • LED bulbs used in all areas
  • Double glazing in new suites
  • Hot water cylinders set to 55 degrees
  • Dimmers used in suites
  • Air conditioning system maintained to ensure efficient use.
  • Energy efficient appliances used
  • Suites are insulated to reduce heat loss
  • Lighting in public and outdoor areas on timers and sensors
  • Efficient & Economic  Extractor fan
  • Sleep mode is installed on all computers along with LCD screen monitors
  • All computers and equipment in offices are switched off when not in use
  • Guest given the option to not have room serviced and towels changed daily
  • Staff are encouraged to walk, cycle or car pool to work
  • Car Charger available for electric cars
  • All rooms fully insulated


  • Full recycling system in place-Glass, Cardboard, Tins, Aluminium, Paper and Plastic.
  • Recycling bins provided in all suites
  • Bulk ordering done in all departments to avoid excess packaging – packaging returned to supplier for recycling
  • Cooking oil from kitchen recycled to bio fuel
  • Recycling of printer toners
  • Limited printing of emails, reservations and general paperwork
  • Recycled paper used for note paper,internal printing and where appropriate.
  • Garden waste is transported to a local farm for mulching
  • Kitchen scraps collected weekly by Council Green bin waste collection
  • Eco friendly cleaning products used to a minimum


  • Continual monitoring and recording of water consumption on a monthly basis, any abnormal consumption is discussed with our sustainable development team
  • Dual flush systems on toilets in new suites
  • Maintenance manager checks for leaks in taps, toilets, valves and pipework on a weekly basis
  • Water features recycle their own water
  • Shower water restriction installed
  • Limited water used in cleaning all windows
  • We have a guest towel agreement in all suites
  • Garden watering on timers
  • Mulch used on gardens to reduce the amount of water needed
  • Automatic shut off spray nozzles used for the washing down bushes to ensure the conservation of water and minimised waste
  • We are now proud members of The Hotel Weka program a socially & environmentally responsible program for Hotels. Once used by guests, toiletry tubes are recycled and turned into Qbods used for concrete foundations in construction instead of harmful polystyrene pods. This in turn is better for the planet, our guests and our environment. One more effort we go to protect our planet and environment 


  • We have formed a relationship with the Department of Conservation with an annual commitment by staff to participate in restoration activities in the area


As a community we also support:

  • Local artwork displayed throughout
  • Sponsorship is given to selected organisations annually
  • Offering employment to local residents when possible
  • Staff are offered career development through local training provider NMIT
  • Commitment from staff to follow all environmental initiatives in place
  • We aim to purchase products from local suppliers
  • We support local business by promoting their attractions and activities through reception
  • Involvement with the sustainable business practice group
  • Dedicated sustainable tourism webpage on our website



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